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Editor Ken Wachsberger is the founder of Azenphony Press and Azenphony Press Writing and Editing. He is a long-time writer, editor, author, speaker, educator, and political organizer, as well as an early member, a book contract adviser, and a former national officer of the National Writers Union — to which Voices from the Underground, in part, is dedicated.

While teaching at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Ken was the leader of the successful nine-year drive that led to formation of the first-ever bargaining unit for adjunct faculty in Michigan.

He has spoken widely at conferences, seminars, and meetings on such topics as the Vietnam era underground press, the First Amendment, writers’ rights in the electronic age, teachers’ rights, copyright, the Holocaust, Jewish resistance during World War II, the I-Search paper, writing for healing and self-discovery, how to keep sane as a support person for a partner who has breast cancer, and intranational hitchhiking in the seventies.

The four-volume Voices from the Underground Series is a product of Kenís experiences in the seventies when he traveled the country, mostly via thumb (his first book is the novel Beercans on the Side of the Road: The Story of Henry the Hitchhiker); organized against the Vietnam War; followed and led his generation in and out of jails; and worked on underground papers everywhere he went. His home base during that period was East Lansing-Lansing, Michigan, as one of the guiding forces behind Joint Issue, the local area underground paper. As a member of Underground Press Syndicate, Joint Issue exchanged issues with other member papers so Ken became familiar with papers all over the country. His story, which appears in the first volume, was published first in an earlier version in the Lansing Star, the successor to Joint Issue, in 1976 and later became the prototype article for the first edition of Voices from the Underground. Initial invitees to submit stories were key people on papers Ken read and admired during the Vietnam era. Later invitees were based on further research and referrals from other veterans of the period.

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